Dr. Jacqueline Casale Taylor Basker


Born on September 11, 1971 in Diyarbakir, Turkey, Ali pursued a career of scholarship.   He graduated from the Faculty of Islam and Arabic Language Studies at Al-Azhar University.  He stressed in the need for religious understanding and the importance of achieving unity among Muslims.  His good nature made him a popular community leader and he directed the Association of Rights, Freedoms, Education, Culture and Solidarity for Bright Tomorrows (AYDER).  He wrote on his application that he could be useful for translating and communication on the flotilla. 

He was married and had 4 children: Mehanur, Semanur, Senanur and Muhammed Mustafa.  He was dedicated to his family and to his community and he felt it was important to help to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza as part of his global community.  He was a strong community leader in the Diyarbakır Province loved by all for his good nature and respected for his life achievements.  It was on a Sunday morning, 31 May 2010 at 4:30 AM that the Mavi Marmara was attacked in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea.  Heavily armed Israeli assault commandos boarded the ship rappelling from helicopters and boarding from assault crafts, shooting as they boarded.  Ali Hayder Bengi was shot six times, in his chest, left leg, right leg, twice in his left hand, and once in the abdomen.