Dr. Jacqueline Casale Taylor Basker

Cevdet Kiliclar, 38

A journalist and web editor for the IHH charity that organized the Freedom Flotilla, Cevdet Kiliclar was the technical coordinator of the pressroom on its flagship, the Mavi Marmara.  An experienced humanitarian aid worker, he was killed by a single bullet that hit him between the eyebrows on his forehead while he was taking photographs of the incident. 

Born in Kayersi he studied Media and Communications at Marmara University, Istanbul and obtained his Masters degree in Germany. He worked for newspapers in Turkey before joining IHH in 2008.  Married with 2 children, he travelled much as a volunteer documenting the needs of the countries in the region and the charity work of the Foundation.  

Witnesses reported that he ran to the upper deck saying, “We should not let this go unrecorded”.  He was shot in the forehead while recording the attack with his camera.  However his efforts were not in vain.  A Greek activist onboard, Dimitris Pilonis, noted “Despite the electronic attack and transmission blackout by the Israeli navy, Mavi Marmara was able to send pictures until about half an hour after the attack thanks to the efforts and equipment of a Turkish activist onboard.”  This was Cevdet Kiliclar. A rarely used type of bullet penetrated his forehead and remained inside his skull without scattering. Forensic scientists report that the specific type of bullet is used in certain shotguns that are mainly employed by the military for ballistic breaching of doors and crowd control.  This “bean bag round” is only fatal if shot to the head as what happened to Cevdet.